Our Community: Celebrating One Another

In order to fulfill our vision of spreading joy to the world, we start by first giving back to our own community. One way we're creating a lot of happy tummies and happy hearts here in Pittsburgh and the greater Southwestern Pennsylvania region is by partnering with Beverly's Birthdays.

Beverly's Birthdays Cookie Beverly's Birthdays Logo

Beverly's Birthdays is a local nonprofit dedicated to organizing birthday and shower celebrations for children experiencing homelessness and families-in-need. We serve as the official baking sponsor for their Itty Bitty Baby Showers and regularly donate our artful baked goods to bring extra smiles to the people they celebrate.

Birthday Boy

A child enjoying our Grinch cookie and birthday treats provided by Beverly's Birthdays

We take celebrations pretty seriously here at Yummyholic. We believe that celebrations are a human emotional need, not a luxury. This is why we're even more thrilled to partner with an organization like Beverly's Birthdays. Celebrations don't always have to be expressed by extravagant parties, it can be as simple as treating yourself to a cupcake after surviving a hard day's work. The point of celebrating is to pause and do something thoughtful to recognize value; in others, in self, in achievements, in sacrifices, and more. Celebrating to thank, to love, and to cherish is what helps us connect as human beings, encourages us to keep moving forward when we're down, and reminds us to live our days with humble appreciation.

Still not convinced that celebrations matter? Read this moment experienced during a Beverly's Birthdays party where they were serving pizza:

A young boy came to the front of the line, politely declined the pizza, but asked if he could take a paper “Happy Birthday” plate. [We] gave the plate to the boy but asked, out of curiosity, why he wanted the plate if he wasn’t going to eat any pizza. The boy simply replied that he wanted to save the plate for the entire week (washing it in between meals) so that he could have something to celebrate and eat off of for the whole week of his birthday. [We] could not think of a sufficient reply, but instead went back to [the] birthday bin and handed the boy a full pack of unopened paper birthday plates...

Celebrations are moments of happiness that can end up lasting a lifetime through an unforgettable memory. We'll continue expanding our giving as our business grows and ensure that we're truly spreading joy to everyone we reach. You can help by volunteering your time and/or making a donation to Beverly's Birthdays directly. Every purchase you make with Yummyholic helps us continue to grow our giving capacity as well. It doesn't take a lot, but if you have the resources to give more, why wouldn't you?

Beverly's Birthday Kids

Children who have been celebrated by Beverly's Birthdays