Our Culture: Embracing, Engaging, and Educating

We fully embrace our Asian American heritage and naturally end up sharing a lot of our culture through our flavors and designs, but we also do so intentionally and infuse our culture into our brand with hopes to further diversity and understanding for a more vibrant community.

Totoro and Matcha

A Totoro cookie and Matcha Velvet cupcake we created for the 1st Annual Pittsburgh Japanese Festival hosted at Row House Cinema. "Totoro" is an animated film by Japanese artist Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli, and matcha is a form of Japanese green tea

By introducing different flavors and aesthetics to the bakery community here at our home base in Pittsburgh, we're inviting people to engage with and appreciate our culture in the most non-threatening way possible - through desserts!

We were able to do this in the past in some pretty awesome ways thanks to money we raised through Dream Cream Ice Cream and a grant received from Awesome Pittsburgh. Through these funding opportunities, we were able to host two large "Cupcakes & Culture" events that were free to the community and created a way for people to immerse themselves in different Asian cultures in an organic way while enjoying cupcakes and savory foods donated by various local Asian-owned restaurants throughout the city.

We hope to take our efforts of sharing our culture and heritage to another level as we prepare for our Cookies to Conversation project. By creating engaging edible art that portrays figures and events of Asian American history, we hope to stir up meaningful discussions and broaden people's views and understandings of our history that has been both left out and forgotten.