Sugar Cookie Flavors


Not only do our sugar cookie designs stand out, we currently offer 7 different delicious flavors you can choose from!

We only require a dozen minimum per flavor!


Vanilla Bean

Our vanilla sugar cookies are infused with high quality Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract AND vanilla bean paste!


Fresh lemon zest, organic lemon extract, and vanilla bean paste make these one of our most popular flavors!


High quality dark cocoa make these sugar cookies extra chocolatey and satisfy any chocoholic!


Dark cocoa and ground espresso enhance each other's depth of flavor in these cookies perfect for the chocolate and coffee lover!


Our personal fave! Dark cocoa and a hint of cayenne pepper make these start out as chocolatey bites that end with a nice chili heat that you'll keep wanting to return to!

Cinnamon Sugar

It's like a churro but in sugar cookie form! Sweet, cinnamon delight!


We don't hold back on using high quality matcha powder for these, so you get the full taste of that strong green tea powder you love! Get your matcha boost in cookie form!