Yummyholic is transitioning...

Yummyholic was initially founded by Jasmine Cho in 2012 as a foodie apparel company. It then re-launched into an online bakery in the Fall of 2015, specializing in small custom treats that tasted as amazing as they looked. The original intent of Yummyholic was to treat the young-at-heart with adorably delicious and delightful products. Along the way though, Jasmine's social justice and therapeutic approach to baking garnered increasing attention, while Yummyholic departed further and further away from its original mission and branding.

Yummyholic is not going away, but it is undergoing another significant transition as Jasmine's individual career as an artist, cookie activist, and educator continues to evolve and grow. Yummyholic's status as an online bakery will be going on hiatus in the meantime.

Please stay tuned as Yummyholic works to return to its mission of "spreading joy throughout the world by filling it with both happy tummies and happy hearts!"